Jugnoo allies with Oye Taxi, Scootapp to meet transportation needs

New Delhi, Jan 12 (ANI): Jugnoo, a leading mobile app, offering the largest network of auto-rickshaws in India, recently tied-up with OyeTaxi and Scootapp to offer its customers an easily accessible on-demand transportation ecosystem.

Both the platforms are meta search platforms of different transportation service providers, where users can compare various modes of transport based on price, ETA, surcharge and vehicle type.

Founder and CEO, Samar Singla said, “At Jugnoo, we believe that such partnerships are imperative as they enable us to reach a bigger user base and make our services more accessible given the popularity of auto rickshaws in our country.”

“Our platform redefines the experience of hailing an auto-rickshaw as we know it and provides a more convenient and affordable solution to the masses,” added Samar.

Adding his bit, Vipul Mittal, Co-Founder OyeTaxi commented, “Our aim is to provide all available options to the users for them to make an informed decision when it comes to evaluating a service. Auto-rickshaws are the preferred mode of transportation for the masses and given Jugnoo’s strong presence in this domain, it made great strategic sense to collaborate.”

This alliance would help OyeTaxi to fulfill its vision of providing a one stop solution for all kind of transit options. This tie up will also give OyeTaxi the opportunity to retain those users who are price conscious.

“We want to aggregate the maximum means of transport for our users on our app; a synergy with Jugnoo helps us achieve this since the three wheeler ride is the most popular and economical option that people like to opt for,” said Co-Founder, Scootapp, Aditya Bagmane. (ANI)

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