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Juliana Harkavy emotional over ‘Arrow’ ending

Los Angeles, Dec 3 (IANS) Actress Juliana Harkavy says she got emotional shooting the final scenes of her hit show “Arrow”.

“We were a mess when we were shooting the last scene in the bunker last year,” Harkavy recalled.

“Arrow” went on the air in 2012. Stephen Amell made a mark by playing both the playboy-turned-good guy Oliver Queen and the hooded vigilante. Harkavy has played Dinah Drake aka Black Canary on “Arrow” since 2017.

The show, which is aired in India on Colors Infinity, will end with its eighth season.

Looking back at her favourite memory, she said: “There are so many. It’s really hard to pick one. Meeting (co-star) Stephen (Amell) for the first time. Doing my Canary Cry for the first time. Doing the ‘Birds Of Prey’ episode. There are all these moments that really punctuate the character in my mind; that help her come into herself. I don’t know if I could pick one. I have many.”

How will Dinah’s story end? “I don’t know how her story ends, but I hope that she finds peace within herself to know herself and to be self-assured. I don’t want her to question, ‘What am I? Am I a vigilante? Am I a police officer?’ I want her to know that she is her own kind of hero and to define it in no uncertain terms by the end of the season,” she said.




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