Jump off from Olympic tower, other stunning events at Jackalope action festival

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5th edition of the action sports festival, JACKALOPE in Montreal

Base jumping from the Montreal Tower will be major attraction

It’s the 5th edition of the action sports festival, JACKALOPE, which will be held at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life at the Olympic Park this August 19 to 21! And to celebrate, Tribu Expérientiel will present a world first: an international base jump competition: JUMP OFF. Some 10 experts will be invited to participate in this event that’s all about the jump from The Montréal Tower at the Olympic Park and sticking a precise landing. This event is being added to an already deep and diversified program offering developed by Tribu Expérientiel, that for quite a few years now, has also featured MUD ROCKER, EMPIRE CITY TROOPERS, BARBEGAZI, SLIDE THE CITY, and more.

Tribu Expérientiel creates sports and urban experiences and is a promoter of the type of lifestyles that go along with that. “Our goal has always been to democratize action sports via a participatory and entertaining environment. And that is exactly what we aim for with entertainment-sports events, where all types of festivalgoers and athletes at all levels can come together. JUMP OFF is a perfect example,” says Micah Desforges, President and Founder of Tribu Expérientiel. “This base jump competition is about pure adrenaline; you simply can’t remain indifferent to it! And the fact that the competition takes place in an urban setting—at an iconic site—only adds to the excitement!”

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“The Olympic Park has been a Montréal landmark for 40 years, combining athletic prowess and exhilarating entertainment,” says Olympic Park President, Michel Labrecque. “We are very pleased to welcome JACKALOPE yet again this year. It promises to be very memorable! Showcasing base jumping by using The Montréal Tower, such an iconic symbol of the city, will certainly attract worldwide attention, which is all the more significant since this is the 40th anniversary of the Olympic Park.”

2016-2017 PROGRAM

JACKALOPE is the biggest action sports festival in Canada

Tribu Expérientiel has both local and international presence. The company has developed events that have welcomed some 100,000 spectators in the last year alone; with 500 athletes—both local and international stars—showing up to wow with their skill, charisma and power. In addition to its expertise in event production, Tribu Expértientiel also develops original television content that is broadcast in about 100 countries. Following are some of Tribu Experientiel’s main productions.

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5th edition, August 19 to 21, / Esplanade Financière Sun Life at the Olympic Park, Montréal / 20,000 festivalgoers in 2015

JACKALOPE is the biggest action sports festival in Canada. It features, among others: the only stop of the World Skateboarding Cub on Canadian soil, and the only one of its kind in the country. The fixed gear biking circuit has been hailed by the renowned Red Hook Crit… the freestyle motocross demonstrations are incredibly popular, and JACKALOPE also offers an introduction to slacklining.

And now JACKALOPE presents the premier of JUMP OFF, the base jump competition. What is base jumping? It is an extreme sports whereby athletes jump from a fixed object, with a parachute. “Base” is actually an acronym—B.A.S.E.—meaning:  building; antenna; bridge; earth. According to Marc-André Denault, JUMP OFF ambassador and special contributor for this first edition, “Competing athletes unanimously agree that The Montréal Tower at the Olympic Park is one of the best locations in Canada for base jumping, considering the inclined pylon structure, which makes the jump very safe. The symbolism of the Tower also represents a dream come true.”

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