Just one minute of intense exercise ‘is great for health’

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Toronto, April, 28 (CINEWS): Only a single minute of intense exercise will produce great health benefits according to a Hamilton researcher.

Martin Gibala, professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Ontario, said in a study that a single intense minute of activity is equivalent to 45 minutes of simple endurance training that most people go for.

“Brief bursts of intense exercise are remarkably effective,” Gibala said. The researchers looked at blood sugar levels, insulin resistance and other indicators like cardio and respiratory response of the study subjects, who included 27 men. The subjects were divided into groups for intense training, traditional training and sedentary behaviour for a period of 12 weeks.

Three 20-second intense cycle sprints were found to be the most effective for boosting fitness. The workout was for only for a total of 10 minutes. Another group cycled for 45 minutes at a stretch.Twelve weeks later, the health results were almost the same, according to the study.

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Gibala’s findings appeared in the online magazine PLOS ONE under the title “Twelve Weeks of Sprint Interval Training Improves Indices of Cardiometabolic Health Similar to Traditional Endurance Training despite a Five-Fold Lower Exercise Volume and Time Commitment”.

“Our study shows that an interval-based approach can be more efficient — you can get health and fitness benefits comparable to the traditional approach, in less time,” Gibala said. “We report that a… protocol involving 3 minutes of intense intermittent exercise per week, within a total time commitment of 30 minutes, is as effective as 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity continuous training.”

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