Justin Bieber facing another legal drama

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Justin Bieber’s former neighbour accuses him of spitting at him. 

Justin Bieber is facing another legal drama for allegedly spitting on a former neighbour.

Jeffrey Schwarz, who accused the singer of vandalizing his Calabasas, Calif., home during an egg attack in 2014, is now pressing ahead with a bid for compensation over claims Bieber also spat on him.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the plaintiff claims the singer assaulted him and caused emotional distress after spitting at him during an argument.

The singer previously pleaded no contest to vandalism charges, but demanded Schwarz and his wife Suzanne undergo a mental evaluation to prove they’re still battling psychological issues as a result of the incident two years ago.

The pop star, who has since moved out of the area and is no longer the Schwarz’s neighbour, was placed on probation, fined and and told to carry out five days of community service at a homeless shelter and anger management counselling as a result of his egg attack.

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