Justin Bieber plays piano at the Montage Inn

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Los Angeles, January 15 (CINEWS): Justin Bieber unquestionably is unsurprising however we weren’t expecting this! Justin has been staying at the swanky Montage Inn following the time when he touched base once more from his sumptuous get-away with Hailey Baldwin in Anguilla and on Jan. 13 he chose to give clueless playing so as to lodge visitors a treat a couple tunes on the piano.

He kicked it off with a work of art and after that kept on playing! Do you think he had either Selena Gomez or Hailey in the group of onlookers?

Justin just sat down and began playing the piano — how cool is this?! Maybe he simply adores astonishing his fans however perhaps he was attempting to charm one of the women throughout his life! He’s done this some time recently, back in November he was spotted by a fan singing “My Young lady” to Selena and our jaws hit the floor! This time Justin picked to play Beethoven’s “Hide Elise” and he was okay!

In any case, we can’t overlook when one of his fans, Lindsey Cavanaugh posted a video with this charming inscription: “having a beverage at an unfilled inn bar when Justin Beiber [sic] shows up all of a sudden and starts to sing on the piano #LOSINGMYS***.”

She even said herself it was “unadulterated enchantment” when he sang to Selena and he even kissed her on the head. The two wound up walking affectionately intertwined outside the lodging and we sought they were back together after great. Yet, unfortunately, they separated. Do you think there was any chance Selena swung by to hear Justin’s play the keys? Subsequent to Hailey arrived before in the day, we wager that is more probable.

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