Juvenile release will encourage adolescents to commit crime: Nirbhaya’s parents

New Delhi, Dec.15 (ANI): The visibly heartbroken and exhausted parents of Nirbhaya on Tuesday said that if the juvenile is released on December 20, it will encourage the heinous crime and tell the adolescents that they can commit any crime and there is no punishment for them.

“No one is thinking as to what message the government is sending to the society by releasing the juvenile. By doing so, they are actually telling the adolescents that they can commit any crime and there is no punishment for them. They are encouraging this heinous crime,” Nirbhaya’s mother told ANI.

Reacting to the reports that Delhi Government would be giving money to the juvenile, she said that it was expected from the state government.

“They raise the issue of ‘women’s safety’ only for vote bank politics. They should better admit that they will not be doing anything on women’s safety if they focus on the rehabilitation of the juvenile offenders,” she added.

It is reported that the Union Home Ministry is contemplating to ask the juvenile convict to sign a legal bond affirming good behaviour after his release from the reformatory home.

The bond as per Section 107 of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) will act as security for keeping the peace after his release from a juvenile remand home.

Apprehensions were made by Nirbhaya’s parents against the release of the juvenile, who was reportedly the “most brutal” of all the six offenders.

The juvenile, who was under 18 when he was arrested for rape and murder of Nirbhaya, was tried under the Juvenile Justice Act and ordered to keep in a remand home for three years. He is set to be released this month. (ANI)

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