K. S. Bhagwan appeals to critics to read his books, challenges opponents

Mysuru, Sept. 22 (ANI): Writer and rationalist K. S. Bhagwan, who has been receiving threats from several right-wing groups, on Tuesday appealed to his critics to read his books before attacking views presented in them.

“I get threats of various kinds, they use abusive language. I am not safe even if police is there. I appeal to my critics to read my books, if they are really religious, then they must come for a discussion,” Bhagwan told ANI.

“I request my critics to go through my books, analyse them and then attack them. If they have guts to intellectually attack my theory, I request them to tear my papers to shreds. This is my open challenge to my opponents,” he added.

He further said that old views represented by Manu Smriti ought to be shunned, as India has embraced democracy and believes in equality and social justice.

“These so called Sanatanis must understand that they are in a democracy. Democracy believes in equality whereas the old values represented by the Manu Smriti were against equality, was against fraternity, was against social justice,” he said.

“So, I request my friends who say that they belong to Sanatana Sangha to change their views and come to live in a democracy,” he added.

Bhagwan had received flak from several right wing groups for allegedly disparaging ancient Hindu values and scriptures.

Last month, Mangalore Rural Police had registered a suo moto case against Bajrang Dal member Bhuvith Shetty over a threatening tweet against Bhagwan.

Shetty had tweeted, “Then it was UR Ananthamurthy and now MM Kalburgi. Mock Hinduism and die a dogs (sic.) death. And dear K S Bhagwan you are next.” (ANI)

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