Kabbadi makes its mark in Surrey schools

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The game is gaining in popularity

Kabbadi is turning into the Go-To sport in Surrey in recent times. The schools in particular are in Enver Creek Secondary, Tamanawis Secondary, L.A. Matheson Secondary and Panorama Ridge Secondary in Surrey.

And it’s all set to spread its excitement to other schools in Surrey after a highly popular and robust season that saw hundreds of students and parents turning up at each game.

In most of the schools involved, there are more spectators at the kabaddi matches than other high school sports, including basketball.

The finals took place on June 7th.

The search now is to find teachers in other Surrey schools willing to run kabaddi at their schools if and when that happens there is support to help the sport grow in new schools.

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So next year, the plan is to move the coaches to other schools.

The kabaddi teams are made up primarily of senior students, many of whom have a wrestling background. The school teams competed with each other over a period of one month, with the semi-finals and finals scheduled for next week.

All games are played outdoors on sunny days with many modifications from traditional kabaddi for safety. For example, players have to wear mouth guards and knee pads, and tackling and tagging cannot be above the shoulders.

This is turning into a sport that is bringing Canadian-born Punjabi kids to do something together as often they hang around in separate groups. Kids from other ethnicities are also showing interest in Kabbadi.

Even at non-Punjabi majority schools, non-Punjabi students are being introduced to a game they have not seen or heard about in their lives. -CINEWS

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