Kajol treks, loses her memory

Mumbai, December 18 (CINEWS): Following the time when Kajol stumbled on the arrangements of Kuch Hota Hai and the film went ahead to wind up a hit, it is a conviction among the film groups that the mischance is a cheerful one and spells good fortunes for the film.kajol17jul_1024-1

Shah Rukh Khan, her co-star in Dilwale expounded on the occurrence on an appear.

“Kajol and I were cycling for a specific shot in KKHH and Kajol tumbled down. The same happened amid Dilwale. In the wake of falling, for 60 minutes and-a-half, she couldn’t remember anybody. At that point we rang Ajay Devgn and she instantly perceived his voice. She identifies with him for truly quite a while and afterward she was fine.”

Ganging up with SRK, Kapil inquired as to whether her definite expressions of trouble were “Shona primary gir gayi”. To which the on-screen character reacted, “Ajay doesn’t resemble a “shona” to me. He has a Singham sort of identity.”

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