Kajol’s daughter helped her to be social media friendly

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Kajol: We are not yet best friends. 

These days technically-savvy kids inspire their parents or grand parents to venture into the modern technology!

Rakesh Roshan recently said he is getting tips from his grand children about the modern know-how as an inspiration for his upcoming superhero flick Krissh 4.

Now Kajol says  her daughter Nysa has taught her to be social media friendly.

She said, “She’s (Nysa) is the one who convinced me to go on Instagram and she was like, ‘You have to have social media. Media is important, you are doing films and you need it’”.

“She actually sat down and convinced me about it. And I told her that if you want me to do it, then you have to help me out with it”.

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She was like, ‘Okay done!’ but the favour had a price tag. The kid waned an iPhone 7!

Talking about the relation with her daughter, Kajol said, “We have definitely come to the sharing of clothes and make-up business. But I don’t know if we have become such good friends yet!”

She also spoke about how it was bringing up a teenager, “When you were a teenager, I doubt you were your father’s best friend. Nysa and I may not be best friends, too. I don’t believe we are best friends. But what I do believe, is that today, I can talk to her about things that I could not probably earlier and she can talk to me about certain things as well which she couldn’t talk about earlier. Again, she has other best friends, but I am her mom and she loves me!”- CINEWS

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