Kalki presents ‘Wo-Manologue’ to an audience of women

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Kalki Koechlin played an acclaimed character in Margarita with a Straw.

Actress Kalki Koechlin who presented a play called Wo-Manologue to an all-women audience in Delhi said it is a kind of poetry that transfers into a performance.

“It deals with a relevant subject, but it is short. Today’s generation likes things that can be shared on social media platforms. It was meant to trigger people into thinking. I like the discussions that follow the show. People are aware, they keep the conversations going and talk about things that make me think”.

About 200 women burst into applause as Kalki Koechlin addressed them directly in her monologue. She was performing a piece that addresses gender politics.

She reflected the inferior position of women from the time of creation and travelled, in a few short lines, through religious history and world mythology until it arrived at the present, where patriarchy asserts itself in the way women dress, behave, eat and speak.

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The performance is structured like a chat in which the actor never gets out of her chair and uses natural and minimal gestures, keeping even the dramatic out of her voice.

She had played an acclaimed character in the  film Margarita with a Straw, as a sexually-active girl with cerebral palsy.

Describing the influence of the social media she said “it allows us to break the formality of a subject and make it relevant for a youthful person. If you are in a car, stuck in traffic, you don’t want heavy discourses. You want something that makes you laugh. We need to find ways to reach people and popular culture is a way to do that. I would love to develop songs, more short videos with humour and poetry”.

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Kalki is playing a mother in her next film called Ribbon directed by Rakhee Sandilya, who made a documentary on surrogate mothers called My Baby Not Mine.

Ribbon is about the hardship of bringing up a child and talks about women in the workplace, maternity leaves and similar issues. “There are only two characters in the film, a couple, and Sumeet Vyas is playing my husband. I spent an entire Sunday with a 16-day-old baby, changing nappies and trying to connect with her”.

Her next project is a TV travalogue titled Great Escape which will start airing on September 17. “It is basically about my father, Joel Koechlin, and me travelling through Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya on bikes. Our idea was to make the show spontaneous and raw; it is not glamorous and is more about connecting with people and having interesting experiences”. – CINEWS

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