Kangana: Why does a dad have to defend a 43-year-old man?


Kangana-Hrithik ‘silly ex’ row still rages on!

Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan’s ’silly ex’ row still rages on with no sign of letting up!

The question popped up once again when she was at author Chetan Bhagat’s book “One Indian Girl” launch.

Earlier, Hrithik’s father Rakesh had told during an interviews that Hrithik chose to remain calm and dignified when someone was spreading lies about him.

The filmmaker further went on to say that if Hrithik does chose to come out with the truth, it would shock everyone.” He was referring to Kangana-Hrithik row.

Kangana replied, “Why can’t Indian men stand for themselves. He is a 43-year-old son. Why does he need his father to come for his rescue always? For how long they will keep hiding behind their influential big name fathers. He is an adult and he can pretty much handle his own controversies in showbusiness. It’s just a simple controversy. Why daddies have to always save their sons. I don’t understand this.”

Kangana was speaking at the launch of Chetan Bhagat’s latest novel, “One Indian Girl”.

The Kangana-Hrithik saga broke out in January when Kangana called Hrithik her ‘silly ex’ in an interview. Hrithik responded by tweeting that an affair with the Pope was possible but not with ‘the wonderful woman(Kangana) that media had been naming’.

The battle soon turned ugly when Hrithik shot off a legal notice to Kangana demanding an apology.

While Hrithik has asserted he was never romantically involved with Kangana, her legal side has said that the two had an affair.

Earlier, Hrithik said the Kangana issue that truth was on his side. “When truth is on your side you don’t need support.”

But he definitely has his father for his support! – CINEWS

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