Kangana Ranaut ‘pressured by feminists to fight Hrithik’

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Kanagana’s has her own way of handling heartbreak and that is reading poetry

After undergoing one of the ugliest spats in B-town with Hrithik Roshan and facing a serious legal battle, Kangana Ranaut apparently targeted the actor yet again, however, this time without using his name.

The 30-year-old actress in a recent media interaction said, “This incident is very different from the incident I faced in the past. There were no legal proceedings ever initiated against me. There was a lot of media drama, there were a lot of threats and there was a lot of slut-shaming.”

She added, “There was no case filed against me. There was no question of fighting a legal battle.”

The ‘Gangster’ actress said, “There were media trials and there was a lot of pressure. There was a certain feminist pressure on me to fight and tell the world the sob story that I have. But, I didn’t have any.” The actress, 29, said as an adult she could handle whatever came her way but somehow there was a lot of “feminist pressure” on her to fight.

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“And I was perfectly capable of dealing with the stuff that was coming my way as an adult. But I was pressurised to a point that I started questioning what exactly is feminism,” she said.

She added, “Is it fighting for an individual’s acceptance? Or begging for his acknowledgment publicly? Then I’m not a feminist. Is it feminism that it’s essential for us, as women, to save the memories of our love affairs, whether it is sperm, panties, or a gift bag that is given to us by a lover for potential evidence for the future, when he is trying to escape or say no.”

She further asserted, “If that is feminism, then I’m not a feminist. If it is feminism to not allow a prerogative to say no to a man and making it just a prerogative of a woman, then I’m not a feminist. No means no. If anybody, any individual wants nothing to do with me and feels ashamed of me, to get rid of me, the only thing I will say to that individual is goodbye”.

The tiff between the duo began when Kangana called the ‘Krrish’ actor her silly ex. Following the statement, he slapped a legal notice on her and demanded an apology.

Ever since then there has been heated arguments and counter-arguments between them amid a lot of media attention.

Kangana said she has her own way of handling heartbreak and that is reading poetry. – CINEWS

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