Kangna Ranaut says attempts are being made to destoy me !

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“The attitude is the same. In the event that I can’t get you, I should annihilate you,” said Kangna Ranaut in a meeting with India Today, today. With regards to her sharp fight with Hrithik Roshan, when she was inquired as to whether endeavors are being made to decimate her, Kangna said, “Yes endeavors are being made yet whether they are working or not is an alternate situation,” a disobedient Kangna answered.

Do you feel Bollywood has acknowledged you, will be you insider, Kangna was inquired. “Why ought to Bollywood acknowledge me, you ought to ask me have I acknowledged Bollywood,” Ranaut answered. So have you acknowledged Bollywood? “Yes I have.” Has Bollywood acknowledged you? “I couldn’t care less,” Kangna snickered, looking delightful in a red dress.

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“I have no issue in being known as a witch. These weapons have been utilized on ladies for a really long time. Growing up the biggest fear I had that if I am a loser of a woman I’ll be called a whore, a witch, a psychopath and a drug addict.  I have a considerable measure of appreciation for people  who are battling with drugs  misuse, who are attempting to leave it. I have played a medication someone who is addicted and I don’t see anything gross about it,” Kangna said. “CINEWS”

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