Kanye West rants about expensive `higher `education

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Washington D.C., Feb. 17(ANI): Kanye West may have tweeted about many things, but his recent education-related tweets are surely a noble cause, where the rapper penned his thoughts on the cost of education in America.

The 38-year-old rapper took to his Twitter handle to share his friend’s experience to highlight how higher education expenses can cripple Americans, People magazine reports.

The `Stronger` hit-maker informed that his friend manages to earn 370 dollars a day, but educating her son has turned out to be a costly affair, with admission and textbooks costing 400 dollars each.

He further revealed that the mother has to work two days just to afford one book for her son and does everything to make sure he has a better future.

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After sharing this personal experience, the rapper rued that high cost of textbooks.

He further wrote, “Steve Jobs wanted to lower the cost of textbooks.”

Rapper continued, I’d rather teachers got paid more and books cost less . #2020″ (ANI)

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