Kanye’s rambling, refusal to get help keeps Kim Kardashian worried

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Kanye West: “There is a Judas among us”

‘I know there is a Judas here. I am like Jesus, I live every day like it’s my last. I know one of y’all will betray me. I am the truth.’”

These are the things said by Kanye West after he was rushed to hospital by his wife Kim Kardashian.

Kim was worried about Kanye’s ‘crazy’ behaviour for months before he was shockingly admitted to the hospital on Nov. 21, according to a report.

She begged him to get help, but apparently it was too late.

Kim, 36, reportedly wasn’t shocked when Kanye, 39, was finally admitted to the hospital after allegedly suffering a break down on Nov. 21, because she’s been dealing with his outbursts and wild behaviour for years now, and knew it was getting worse recently.

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“Kim had been noticing his crazy behaviour for months now,” a source told In Touch magazine. The report makes it sound worse than we thought.

“Like how he would walk into the bathroom and go to the mirror and start having conversations with himself,” and how he would walk around shouting “you’ll be sorry” and “I’m a motherf*cking artist.”

“He feels like the world is against him, and his paranoia is out of control,” the insider continued. “He thinks he will be assassinated. He constantly fires questions at members of his security team and screeches about a Judas being present in his inside circle”.

She’s stood by his side since he was admitted to UCLA Medical Center on Nov. 21, and was the one to take him home after he was finally released on Nov. 30.

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However, she knows that this should be the end of his treatment. “She wants Kanye to get help,” the source reportedly said. “She’s begged to get it for years, but he has always refused.”

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