Kareena Kapoor breaks no kiss rules for Balki?

Mumbai, Feburary 18 (CINEWS): When she was offered Bajirao Mastani, she demanded to Sanjay Leela Bhansali that she would not bolt lips with Ranveer.Ki-and-Ka-photos

Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s new notice for Ki And Ka is raising a couple industry eyebrows — on the grounds that it highlights the two on-screen characters kissing. What’s more, or you feel that some ethical irateness is the thing that has brought on those cocked eyebrows, let us guarantee you that is not the situation. What industrywallahs appear to be shocked by, is that Kareena has consented to go around her “no kissing on screen” provision for her most recent film. Did chief R. Balki’s convincing forces have anything to do with Bebo’s choice?

“Kareena and Arjun play spouse and wife in my film. All in all, what do spouses and wives do? They demonstrate love with a kiss, right?” countered Balki, when we tested him about his driving woman consenting to pucker up.

Clearly, Ki And Ka has a few scenes where Kareena and Arjun exchange warm pecks. What’s more, Balki says that “to kiss or not” was a discussion he never needed with Kareena. “The pecks and kisses are a given in a marriage. By what method would I be able to demonstrate a urbane, wedded couple in Delhi not doing typical things?” he said. “Bebo didn’t ask me for what valid reason her character needed to kiss her screen spouse.”

Balki says Arjun and Kareena play a substance couple. “Arjun and Kareena are the perfect companions. Truth be told my wife (producer Gauri Shinde) is as of now asking me for what valid reason I can’t treat her the way Arjun treats Kareena in Ki And Ka. So I see significant inconvenience for spouses after the film’s discharge!”

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