Karrueche Tran: The one thing she truly misses about dating Chris Brown

Los Angeles, December 19 (CINEWS):  Karrueche Tran thoroughly understands Chris Brown’s new diss track-loaded collection. Be that as it may, as Karrueche considerations — she never needs to get back together with him. The main thing that Kae misses about her ex, as per an insider who identifies with HollywoodLife.com Solely, is his star status. That is it!Karrueche-Tran-Chris-Brown1

“Karrueche is over Chris Brown and won’t do a reversal with him romantically ever,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com Solely. “The main thing she truly misses is the superstar and access it gave her by being tied with him. Other than that, she is glad that the BS is out of her life, and she is upbeat and anticipating 2016 and all that it will bring.”

Bravo! Chris profoundly hurt her, to the point where she told Kontrol magazine in November that she wasn’t “rationally there” yet to date again after their relationship. In any case, she knows for sure that she wouldn’t like to be included with Chris once more. Somebody ravishing like Karrueche has had a lot of suitors: Burglarize Kardashian, Drake, Memphis Depay — that VIP ticket she’s looking for isn’t only select to Chris!

At the point when Chris dropped the music video for “In any case” in November, we thought he was showing a few genuine Karrueche regret. The video included a Kae look-a-like who’s tired of Chris’ celebrating and abandons him in the dust. Gee… sound recognizable? In any case, now that Eminence has appeared, it appears as though he’s really not missing Karrueche excessively!

While Chris has been stating that “Kae” isn’t a diss track, the verses sort of say the inverse: “We were intended to fall, fall right out of adoration/And I can’t even say that you were there for me young lady.” Um, perhaps in light of the fact that you had a child with another person, in addition to other things, Chris?

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