Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor would not like to be alluded to as star’s sweetheart

Mumbai, September 15 (CINEWS): Here’s an uprising in Bollywood. Not just are A-rundown on-screen characters miserable with the way that they get paid under one-quarter of what their male partners do, a significant number of these fruitful ladies are likewise irritated that they get alluded to as just ‘Mrs. so thus’, or ‘Genius’ better half’. This has been irritating the living hell out of the ladies who are scholars and achievers in their own particular right. Gone are the days when a lady in Bollywood was upbeat to luxuriate in her accomplice’s fame.kareena-katrina-catty

Katrina Kaif, who was as of late advancing Phantom, saw red when somebody alluded to her as Ranbir Kapoor’s better half. In the decade passed by, Kat has earned her stripes as a Bollywood hotshot; she has additionally made it to Madame Tussauds and has numerous such accomplishments that have nothing to do with whom she is dating. To then allude to her generally as Ranbir’s young lady is a touch sexist.

Her Phantom co-star Saif Ali Khan additionally raised to Katrina’s safeguard when he said that there was more to Kat and his own particular wife Kareena Kapoor Khan than their parts as somebody’s accomplice or wife. Saif was completely vocal that they ought not to be made inquiries about their part in the kitchen or when they will convey babies. His basic point being — they have additionally scaled apexes of progress thus, ought to be dealt with like experts.

While it might be mistaken to simply sum up and say that most yesteryear star wives were content with delighting in their popular spouses’ wonderfulness, the contemporary film wife is an alternate animal categories.

Take the cases of ladies like Reena Khan and Sussanne Roshan. When they figured they had hopeless contrasts, they held their heads high and made stately exits from their relational unions to geniuses Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan

What’s more, there are still others like Twinkle Khanna who permitted her identity to sprout by and by and professionally. Twinkle, who constantly appreciated scholarly interests, has a fan base due to her written work furthermore has a flourishing inside enrichment business. The reporter creator was as of late cited saying that she thinks that it’s silly that a lady’s character is in light of who her spouse is, or the way of his employment.

Moreover, on-screen characters like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan too are not content with simply being trophy wives. With every passing day, they reveal an identity characteristic and a steely set out to proceed with their successes in the sun, not so much through their heavyweight conjugal surnames just. In this way, inspire good to go out the green floor covering for the new Bollywood lady, whose objectives go past that ghar ka aangan.

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