Katrina Kaif wants to shoot an ad film

Mumbai, March 1 (CINEWS): It’s not novel for performing artists today to investigate different parts of film-production, for example, course, generation, singing, and so on. Bollywood has an assortment of multitalented performers.katrina-hi-res-3

From Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan to Priyanka Chopra, Shraddha Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, they have all fiddled with different features of moviemaking.

Notwithstanding, Katrina Kaif, who has been a piece of Bollywood for over 10 years now, has exclusively centered around acting in this way.

Does she, as well, wish to extend her points of view in the long run?

“Yes, now and then, I do consider that. I would love to coordinate an advertisement film,” says Katrina, including, “However you need to figure out how to creep before you walk, correct? Along these lines, you need to begin little.”
The performer feels that while she’s doing a great deal of work with regards to acting, despite everything she has a long way to go about alternate procedures of film-production.
“I have not saw enough about alternate perspectives. I don’t know how to communicate well as a maker, an executive or an author. There’s still such a great amount of left for me to get my hands on as a performer. Possibly, once I have an inclination that I’ve gotten a handle on everything that I need to as to acting, I’ll turn my regard for different angles,” says the 32-year-old.
Throughout the years, Bollywood has delivered numerous splendid movies. Furthermore, it is normal for performing artists, who watch their counterparts’ motion pictures, to wish that they were a part of those movies. Does Katrina ever feel like that?
“Musings like, ‘I wish I could’ve done that film’, don’t come to me frequently. Maybe, now and again, you kick yourself for not having the vision or premonition to understand the capability of a specific character or film,” she says, about the times she has released certain offers. “I think many individuals encounter that, and it has transpired too,” includes the performing artist.

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