Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom living under same roof now

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have taken things to the next level in their epic romance — she’s moved in to his Malibu pad!

“Katy is pretty much living with Orlando at his place in Malibu. She’s got her own closet and even her own bathroom,” a source said. We knew it was only a matter of time before these two ended up under the same roof, as they’ve been completely inseparable ever since their romance began in Jan. It’s got to be true love if he’s given Katy her very own closet!

But just because she’s living life on the coast with Lando, doesn’t mean she’s given up her own digs just yet. “The only thing missing are her cats, she can’t bring them because Orlando has dogs and they don’t get along. She still has her place in Hollywood, but she’s hardly ever there.” Oh no! We hope Katy has a good cat sitter for her beloved Kitty Purry and Krusty, cause we know how much she totally adores her precious pets.

It must really be true love for Katy to spend so much time away from her amazing Hollywood Hills estate. She’s got two homes right next to each other, a Spanish style mansion and a more modern smaller home that sit on 2.2 acres of lush and private grounds, perfect for Orlando to practice his love of nudity.

But we can see how she prefers being at Orlando’s place, as Katy’s ex John Mayer, 38, was practically living at her mansions with her during their years long on-again, off-again romance. Having a new man and a new change of scenery is perfect for Katy and Orlando’s fresh and drama-free romance


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