Katy Perry beats Taylor Swift in the list of World’s highest paid musicians of 2015

Los Angeles, December 9 (CINEWS): You won’t find Katy Perry moving alongside Taylor Quick s 1989 World Visit is earning $4 million for each city which makes her “a top contender for the No. 1 spot on our rundown one year from now.”Katy-Perry-Taylor-Swift

Quick’s beau Calvin Harris is doing alright himself in the budgetary office. In spite of the fact that the Scottish DJ/Armani model doesn’t gain entirely as much as the pop star, he raked in an expected $66 million a year ago, putting him at No. 6 on Forbes’ rundown.

All the artists on the rundown earned a huge piece of progress from their non-musical supports. Perry, for instance, has managed Claire’s, Coty and Covergirl; Quick is the substance of numerous crusades also, including Keds and Eating routine Coke.

“Music has changed,” Perry told Forbes in a meeting not long ago for their Big name 100 main stories. “The record is that takeoff platform for a wide range of other imaginative branches.”

Different specialists who fit the bill for Forbes’ rundown incorporate Justin Timberlake ($63.5 million) and Diddy ($60 million). For the complete rundown and money related breakdown of World’s Most generously compensated Artists of 2015, visit Forbes.com.

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