Kejriwal, Sisodia meet journalist Akshay Singh’s family

Mumbai, July 8 (ANI): Senior advocate Abha Singh on Wednesday said masterminds responsible for eliminating several of the accused and witnesses in the ongoing Vyapam scam controversy, could have also been responsible for killing 19-year-old medical student Namrata Damor three years ago.

Expressing her happiness over the Damor case being reopened for reinvestigation following the controversial death of television journalist Akshay Singh, Abha Singh told ANI here: “Namrata Damor was a 19-year-old medical student, who was found dead in suspicious circumstances. The autopsy report of the doctor said she was strangulated, but the police could not find any evidence, or, the police did not want to find evidence, and said that it was a suicide. Now, when Akshay Singh, the reporter went and interviewed her parents, and has died under mysterious circumstances, I am happy that they are going to reinvestigate the case of Namrata Damor.”

“It is obvious that she was a party to the Vyapam scam. She could have spoken out, so maybe, the masterminds, who are trying to kill all other witnesses available, could have killed her. And also, it points fingers at the police.Is the police involved? Did it deliberately try to cover up? So, it is necessary that the CBI should investigate the case and not the local police,” she added.

The death of a 19-year-old medical student linked to the Vyapam scam, dismissed as a suicide by the police three years ago, has been brought back into focus after Akshay Singh died minutes after interviewing her father.

Namrata Damor, an accused in the scam, was found dead on railway tracks in Ujjain in January, 2012.

When the police filed a closure report in 2014, they called it a suicide. There are fresh calls for re-investigating the death, linked to her autopsy report that said she had been strangled.

Vyapam is the Hindi acronym for a state board that conducts tests for medical and engineering colleges as well as government jobs. Lakhs of candidates allegedly paid bribes to politicians and bureaucrats who allowed imposters to take the all-important recruitment exam. (ANI)

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