Kendall Jenner banned from Uber, says Kim Kardashian

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Kendall Jenner…Is it a joke or is she a victim of Uber star system?

Kim Kardashian tweeted that Kendall got BANNED from Uber, and now she has to drive her around!.

“Ugh I have to drive @KendallJenner around tonight bc she’s banned from Uber! Why @Uber?!?! She’s a “model” passenger!!!!!”

Kim Kardashian, 35, tweeted on the night of Friday, August 26.  Kim gave no clue as to why Kendall Jenner, 20, was banned from Uber, or when it happened.

Not sure why Kendall reportedly got banned from Uber  according to Kim.  Here’s a what should have happened. Just as a passenger rates their Uber driver using a star system, the passenger is rated by the driver in the same manner. And just as too many negative ratings can affect whether or not an Uber driver keeps their job, it can affect if a passenger gets to keep using Uber!

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Or it could be a joke that Kim is making up!

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