Kendra Wilkinson’s estranged mother to take legal action

Los Angeles, Oct 3 (IANS) Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson’s estranged mother Patti wants to legally block her from talking about their relationship on her “Kendra on Top” reality TV show.

“Patti is looking to get an attorney not to sue for badmouthing her, but serve Kendra with a cease and desist to get Kendra to just stop talking about her altogether. She’s not looking for monetary (compensation) – she just wants it to stop,” a source told

“For Kendra to say the cruel and hurtful things she is saying about her mother (is unfair), they are not true. She’s trying to make her mom sound like this villain, but Patti is not this nasty person,” the source added.

Kendra fell out with Patti last year when she decided to repair her relationship with her father and to stick by husband Hank Baskett after he was accused of cheating on her with a transexual model, reports

Kendra also reveals in a new clip for the show that she attempted suicide twice as a teenager and blames Patti for most of her emotional issues.

“Patti is absolutely devastated over this. All Patti wants is to have a relationship with her daughter,” the source added.

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