Kerala minister’s gaffe: hails Ali as great Malayali boxer

Jayarajan, Ali

Punched out! Minister Jayarajan on left.

Kerala Sports Minister E. P. Jayarajan was knocked out by a sucker punch from beyond! During a television phone-in program, the minister was informed about the death of boxing legend Mohammad Ali in Phoenix, Arizona, US..

He immediately responded: ” I just heard that Mohammad Ali breathed his last in America. He was a great (Malayali) sportsperson from Kerala. He flagged the fame of Kerala sky-high by winning a gold medal.” (Ali won the Olympic the Light Heavyweight gold medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.)

He went on to add that Ali had brought in “many medals for Kerala in his heydays.”

Mohammad Ali is a common name in Kerala and the minister obviously thought that he had to exhibit his knowledge about sports and sportspersons (which is his portfolio, anyway). It is reported that he thought Ali was a famous sports personality from Malappuram, the Muslim-dominated northern district of Kerala.

The ignorant minister was about to make more gaffes when the alert anchor on Manorama TV cut the audio taking him off the air and thereby saving him from more embarrassment. The remarks, however, went viral on social media, and the minister  has faced a barrage of ridicule.

One of the sharpest comment was “had not the anchor intervened, the minister would have announced an ex-gratia payment of Rs. 5 lakhs and a state government job for Ali’s daughter.”

Other comments:

  • “I have told Pinarayi Vijayan a hundred times not to make me the sports minister because until now, I haven’t participated even in a frog race.”
  • “He would have announced compensation and free ration for Mohammad Ali’s family if he was not cut off.”
  • A new Facebook post goes like this:
  • Ha ha ha…
    News:  “Anju Bobby George loses gold in long jump!”..
    Sports Minister Jayarajan: “Silly…! Why didn’t she keep the gold in a safe place before jumping?”- CINEWS

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