Kerala officer Merin Joseph blasts article on “beautiful IAS and IPS officers”

One of Kerala’s best-known IPS officers, Merin Joseph, blasted a sexist article in a Hindi daily titled “10 Most Beautiful IAS and IPS Officers In India”.merin

Merin who is Assistant Superintendent of Police of Munnar, Kerala, said in a Facebook post: “Have you ever wondered why we never see a list of the most handsome males in the IAS and IPS?” she asks. In her Facebook post —that has since gone viral on social media — she blames the Indian press, “especially vernacular” for the objectification of women, and how the measure of a woman’s self-worth is her looks.

Merin Joseph has been in the news before – both because of gender issues. Last year, a picture of her with a junior police officer holding an umbrella over her head was criticized saying it showed her bossy nature. She also appeared in the media after she asked an MLA from Ernakulam to take a picture of her along with rising Malayalam actor Nivin Pauly, which she later posted on Facebook.

Merin Joseph was born in Kottayam, Kerala and brought up in Delhi. Joseph completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. She spent much of her life in the Indian national capital. Merin is the 3rd Malayali IPS offer to join the Kerala cadre after R. Sreelekha and B.Sandhya. She passed the civil services examination 2012 in her first attempt and was one of the youngest IPS trainees in her batch. After completing her IPS training from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Merin was appointed as the women commissioner of Kochi a few months ago. She led the Indian delegation for the Youth20 summit held in Australia. She  got married to Dr. Chris Abraham in February last year.

The full Facebook post: “This perfectly sums up what is wrong with the press in India, especially the vernacular press. Shameless objectification of women and propagation of patriarchal structures, reducing a lady’s worth to her face value. These are bold and brave officers working in the complex bureaucratic system in India, negotiating their way through the good , bad and ugly of our body politic- and here we have a list of officers whom people can ogle at. It’s seriously disgusting, constricting and very very demeaning to our identities as smart, intelligent self made women. Have you ever wondered why we never see a list of the most handsome males in the IAS and IPS ??” – CINEWS

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    May 27, 2016 at 5:06 pm Reply

    It is time society wakes up to the reality and create a system where gender equality is the norm.

  2. Fernandez
    July 31, 2016 at 4:23 pm Reply

    Comment:Oh Lady ,she is right centred towards feminist. Why not take it as compliment rather than question your credential.BTW she is not an outstanding IPS officer to acclaim all the limelight. Shashi Taroor has been claimed as most charming Politician that doesn’t take anything anyway from his caliber.

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