Kerry seeks 742 million dollars in aid to Pakistan

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Washington,Feb.24(ANI): In a bid to aid Pakistan with 742 million dollars, United States Secretary of State John Kerry has told US lawmakers that the Obama administration was helping Afghanistan and Pakistan fight terrorism.

Kerry said that he is helping Afghanistan and Pakistan to counter violent extremism, deepening strategic dialogue with India, supporting democratic gains in Sri Lanka and Burma and encouraging the peaceful resolution of competing maritime claims in the South China Sea.

In his testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry said the State Department has requested 742 million dollars in aid to Pakistan to support its citizens as they seek security, build democracy and sustain economic growth and development, reports Dawn.

However, US plans to sell F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan was also questioned by the committee.

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Kerry responded that the issue is complicated and said Pakistan also has been an ally for a long period.(ANI)

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