Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson were the craziest host at MTV movie awards !

Los Angeles, April, 11 (CINEWS): The 2016 MTV movie awards  resembled no other from the earliest starting point—and we imply that in more routes than one.2016 MTV Movie Awards Promo Shoot Campaign

To begin with, it was the main year in history to happen altogether outside. The occasion went down on the Warner Siblings backlot (yes, the entire thing) in Burbank, Calif., to pay tribute to the 25th commemoration of the honors appear.

What’s more, second, has Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson made their passage Frantic Max-style, clad in cowhide get-ups and confront veils while riding on their extremely Rage Street desert autos. They soon segued into a more customary monolog setup, yet it was vital (and, yes, marginally exasperating) in any case.

Since this is Kevin Hart and The Stone we’re discussing, the hijinks got more over-the-top from that point, whether they were tossing thorns at each other—short jokes for Hart, the expression “Chocolate Shrek” for Johnson—or breaking out old humiliating photographs. What’s more, yes, for those pondering, MTV managed to uncover that great shot of The Rock in a turtleneck and a fanny pack.

For those reasoning that the opening monolog would be the end of the physical satire chokes, well, you weren’t right. Enter The Dull Chocolate Knight and the Samoan Superman. Also, yes, that is precisely what it sounds like. Hart and Johnson wore some exceptionally, er, perfectly sized outfits to do a riff on the Wonder versus-DC Funnies part of the night.

And after that who could overlook the most instinctive snippet of the night, the beyond any doubt to-be-Grammy-winning song “When Leo Got F- – ked by a Bear.” It highlighted Kevin and The Stone rapping about, well, when Leo got f- – ked by a bear. We accept you would all be able to utilize your creative energy with that one.
The twosome finished the hotshot in a way that just Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson can: By setting off a goliath firecrackers show. After Alexander Skarsgård exhibited the last honor with no jeans by any stretch of the imagination, it was the minimum they could do to one-up that minute.
In any case, fireworks aside, regardless we that turtleneck-fanny-pack return pic is as yet going to go down as the most significant.

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