Kevin Nealon pays tribute to Garry Shandling

Los Angeles, March 29 (IANS) Actor-comedian Kevin Nealon has paid tribute to late comedian Garry Shandling while recalling the good times they had in 35 years of friendship.

Shandling passed away last week at the age of 66. And Nealon spoke in detail about his friend in a special tribute, reports.

He said: “We always met in the kitchen. He would come downstairs because the door was always open for us. We came in as we got there and we’d watch the games on the TV for a little bit and then we’d all get our shoes on to play for a couple hours.

“He was just so generous. None of us were really good. Occasionally, there’d be a ringer in there. Garry tried to keep the game balanced… The thing that I miss about him is that I always knew he was up there. He lives about 10 minutes away from me. It’s like he was a lifeguard.

“If you had a problem, a joke, or if you wanted to go for a hike, he was always there, he was always around. I remember hiking with him a lot. Up in Malibu there’s that canyon, I forget what it’s called, but there’s a little stone house at the end. And he would sit on the stones and just meditate for 20 minutes or a half hour with his eyes closed.”

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