Kids development app Flintobox now on android platform

New Delhi, Dec 11 (ANI): Flintobox, an early child development portal that promotes educative models and kits for children between the age group of two to eight years can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Flintobox is dedicated to promote early child development and engage parents with meaningful content. All this takes place from their very first purchase. Flintobox makes sure that the product that reaches the child is relevant and enhanced to meet their needs and wants so that it significantly improves the child’s growth.

Vijaybabu Gandhi, Co-Founder, said, “We want Flintobox to be a complete package and one-stop destination for everything on early child development. Our objective is to make early learning a fun experience for kids.”

“Our app will be a value-added resource to a Flintobox purchase and by itself a complete pool of early learning and development resources,” added Gandhi.

One of main features by the app is the collection of stories involving Flinto the Octopus and his friends. The stories are available as multilingual audio books, which serve as a tool for language development.

It functions on the principle of context-based approach to language learning wherein the child understands the story in a primary language and contextually absorbs the same concept from another language.

Apart from this, Flintobox also provides a platter of creative age-appropriate activities for parents to try with their child with easily-available materials, on a weekly basis. This solves a parent’s constant requirement of finding engaging content to hook their child with.

The fun activities and experiments in video format make it easy for the child to consume the content and create crafts simultaneously. These activities help children develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination, creativity and much more.

In addition to the engaging activities, the app also includes articles on parenting tips and experiences. The articles feature interviews with pre-school and kindergarten teachers, child experts, and child psychologists, along with their expert opinions on child development, parenting, nutrition and more. (ANI)

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