Kim irked by rumours of her closeness to NFL star

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Kim Kardashian ‘would ‘never hurt’ Kanye West’.

Rumours are running wild about Kim Kardashian’s alleged friendship with NFL star Marquette King, and she is not happy about it. has learned EXCLUSIVELY exactly how Kim feels about those rumours and her declaration that she would ‘never hurt’ Kanye West.

“Kim [Kardashian] is not at all amused that people might believe she could be getting close with [Marquette King] and hopes the rumorus go away ASAP,” a source said.

“She is upset that the story is out there for her family to read and she is bothered that anyone might think she would hurt her husband, especially during his challenging time. She would never go behind Kanye West‘s back and lean on another man. But Kim plans to maintain the low-profile she has kept since her robbery and has no plans to break her silence now, especially over a silly rumour like this.”

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Rumours that Kim was getting close with the Oakland Raiders star started at the same time as those that Kimye were getting a divorce. After the “Famous” rapper’s shocking hospitalization, some people thought the Keep Up with the Kardashians star would give up on her man and try to replace him with Marquette.

Marquette also publicly shut down the rumours that she was leaning on him on Dec. 10, by tweeting out a cartoon pic of him drawing a heart while holding up a finger, captioning it “#Rumours.”

If both Marquette and Kim are shutting this story down, then looks like she only has eyes for Kanye after all. Now all the couple needs to do is focus on themselves and their family during this difficult time following his hospitalization.

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