Kim K will get C-section for `breech` baby

Washington D.C., Nov 25 (ANI): Kim Kardashian, who was already facing pregnancy issues, has revealed that her to-be-born baby is breech, meaning he’s in the wrong position for childbirth, so she will now get a C-section done.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star shared with her fans that she had been doing some research and everything she can to try to turn the baby, but her baby’s head is still up, which was supposed to be down or was supposed to turn by 32 weeks, E! Online reported.

The 35-year-old reality star added thankfully her doctor, Paul Crane, is one of the few OB/GYNs to still deliver breech babies, however, if it’s an emergency and for the safety of her son with rapper husband Kanye West, she will get a C-section.

Kardashian is currently 36 weeks along and carrying a 7-pound baby. (ANI)

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