Kim Kardashian…Selfie Queen

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Kim Kardashian…1500 selfies a day taken in Mexico. 

Kim Kardashian lives for a stellar selfie, so it’s really no surprise that she took over six THOUSAND photos of herself while vacationing in Mexico with her two kids. While the trip may have only lasted four days, those sexy pics are sure to last a lifetime!

Kim Kardashian, 35, has made a career out of taking ultra-revealing selfies. She even has a book titled Selfish, dedicated to nothing but scandalous phone pictures. Kim was vacationing in Mexico for only four days, which means she must have taken roughly 1,500 selfies a day to reach the grande total of 6,000! How is that even possible?! That’s a staggering amount that should belong in the book of Guinness World Records.

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An avid Instagram user, Kim did post a fair amount of selfies to the app — but what about the ones she didn’t? Were they too racy for social media?

Since hubby Kanye West wasn’t a part of the family getaway, Kim must have missed her man A LOT, and probably sent him a ton of sexy nudes. During her trip, the reality star played in the white sand with her adorable kids North and Saint, while baring her bootylicious behind in a thong bikini.

Kim was probably in the mood to flaunt her toned body upon reaching her goal weight of 120lbs, but that didn’t stop her from hitting up In-n-Out for a burger and fries when she landed in LA.

The mother-of-two is sick at the moment, and has been opting more a more casual and comfy look for a change. She was barely recognizable on the streets of NYC when she stepped out without any makeup on, and wore sweatpants instead of her usual skin-tight dresses.

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