Kim Kardashian sues website that claimed she was not robbed


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian files a lawsuit against website and its owner for libel. 

Kim Kardashian is planning to sue a website that has dared to claim she was not actually robbed in France.

The actress has filed a lawsuit against the website and its owner for libel.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of that website alleging that Kim made up her robbery story out of thin air.

Her lawyer said in a complaint filed Tuesday in New York federal court: “After having been the victim of a horrific and traumatic armed robbery in France, Kim Kardashian returned to the United States only to again be victimized, but this time by an online gossip tabloid that published a series of articles in early October 2016 referring to her a liar and thief.”

According to French officials, Kardashian was robbed of approximately $11 million in jewellery  early morning of October 3.

However, an article on the website reads that kim “faked the robbery, lied about the violent assault, and then filed a fraudulent claim with her insurance company to bilk her carrier out of millions of dollars,” the lawyer writes.

Another website posted a video allegedly filmed inside of Kim’s apartment, “immediately” after the robbery occurred.

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