Kim Kardashian thought she would be raped by robbers

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Kim Kardashian tells cops that the men were after her $4 million diamond ring. 

A shocking new development in Kim Kardashian’s robbery claims that she feared she’d be raped by the armed attackers, as they dragged her out of her bed nearly naked.

Kim was in bed when the robbers broke into her two-story Paris apartment on Oct. 2, wearing only her robe as they made their way to her. The 35-year-old reality star sensed that something was about to go wrong, but before she could frantically call her bodyguard, her phone was yanked out of her hands.

With the way the men handled her, Kim told cops that she believed they were going to rape her. Although the robbers didn’t end up raping her or even really doing her any harm physically — despite holding her at gunpoint — they handcuffed her and duct taped her hands to make sure she couldn’t get out of her trapping while they raided her room.

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One of the robbers grabbed her by the ankles, duct taped them, and threw her in the bathtub. At this point, she told them to take whatever they wanted to save herself from the horror of being raped.

The robbers only spoke French, Kim told cops, but the one word she could make out while they were scavenging through her belongings was the word “ring,” which they kept repeating. She knew that meant they were after her brand new 20-carat diamond from Kanye West. Sadly the nearly $4 million rock was reportedly one of the items the crooks got away with, along with a jewelry box full of $6.7 million more worth of jewels. Frankly, though, Kim is probably just glad things didn’t go as bad as she expected them to.

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Kim is now at home, as she was reunited with a frantic Kanye in New York City on the morning of Oct. 3.

Their kids North and Saint West were in NYC, not in Paris.


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