Kimberly Wyatt saw psychiatrist for depression

Los Angeles, Oct 28 (IANS) American singer Kimberly Wyatt says she was <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>forced to see a psychiatrist and put on a strong dose of medication for her battle with depression when she was 14-years-old.

The 33-year-old was emotionally unstable throughout her teenage years and was referred to a medical professional to help beat her demons.

“When I was 14, I went through quite bad depression and saw a psychiatrist. She used games and workbooks to get into my head as I wouldn’t talk to her,” Wyatt told

Wyatt was diagnosed with social anxiety and put on a strong dose of medication to treat her mental condition but found <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>dancing was her best form of escapism.

She added: “She diagnosed social anxiety and put me on medication called Paxil. I hated it and only took it for a month. It made me feel numb. Instead, I did more dancing, which helped.”

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