Kit Harrington says sorry to his fans !

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Harrington apologized for misleading his fans about his character Jon Snow’s demise in the television arrangement Game of Thrones. Sorry — simply sad? Kit Harrington, in the event that you think a basic affirmation of blame will right the selling out fans everywhere throughout the world are feeling — then you don’t know anything, Jon Snow!

In a meeting with Entertainment Weekly, Kit , who plays the critical character in hit HBO series Game of Thrones, apologized to fans for keeping mystery his character’s status. In the last scene of Season 5, Jon Snow was more than once wounded by his kindred siblings of the Night Watch, and left for dead, leaving the entire world in stun. That is, until, the most recent scene of GoT, uncovered his revival in a fabulous turn to the plot!

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Opening up about it, the 29-year-old told EW — “Too bad! I’d like to say sorry for deceiving everybody. I’m happy that individuals were vexed that he kicked the bucket. I think my greatest apprehension was that individuals were not going to mind. On the other hand it would simply be, ‘Fine, Jon Snow’s dead.’ At the same time, it appears like individuals had a like the Red Wedding scene sort of anguish about it. Which implies something I’m doing — or the show is doing — is correct.”

To each one of the individuals who are yet to watch the second scene — sorry people! This is one unstable spoiler, we couldn’t keep mum about.

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