Kitchens of the future – less is more trend coming

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Modern kitchen appliances are rapidly evolving to meet the needs of those who are hungry for sleeker style and enhanced functionality – so says the team at Trend Hunter. The home experts at Trend Hunter have highlighted the top three trends in kitchen appliances. The world’s largest trend community identifies what to look for in kitchen appliances:

Trend #1: Dual-Purpose Prep

The kitchen of the future is filled with appliances and products that are geared to accommodate a fast-paced lifestyle and improve efficiencies in day-to-day life. Trend Hunter’s Armida Ascano points to GE Appliances’ new GE Cafe + Keurig refrigerator as a prime example. The appliance includes a Keurig coffee brewing system right in the fridge, allowing you to brew your favourite coffee, with a touch of the button, right from your refrigerator door.

Trend #2: DIY Health

Technology in the kitchen is empowering us to take a more active role in managing our own health and wellness. Ascano cites indoor gardens designed for even the smallest spaces that allow every family to grow fresh herbs, greens and sprouts right in their own kitchen.

Trend #3: Clean Connectivity

Less is more. The minimalist design trend that started in the mobile phone category is coming to life in every corner of the home, including kitchen appliances. “The most modern kitchen appliances look a lot like today’s smartphones,” says Lyndon Madden, marketing director at GE Appliances Canada. “Squared edges, lots of glass and touch screen controls are key design elements we’re bringing to the market in response to consumer demand”. For more information visit – NewsCanada

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