KJo feels failure not welcomed in film ‘fraternity’

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Jaipur, Jan. 22 (ANI): Karan Johar, who is known to be the most socialized and a ‘bff’ to almost everyone in the tinsel town, feels that the industry not to be a ‘fraternity’.

Sharing the bad experiences and failure ‘Dharma production’ went through, during a session in the ninth edition of Jaipur Literature festival on Thursday, the 43-year-old film-maker said that the industry does not welcome failure at all.

“There was a film called ‘Muqaddar ka Faisla’ that bombed in 1987, we made a film called ‘Agneepath’ that met with low commercial success, it was then we were going through trying times. It was during those times, we realised that as much as we call our industry to be a fraternity, it is actually not. The ground reality is failure is not welcomed guest in our world,” he said.

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Karan, while speaking in this regard, added, “when you see success and then you see failure, it is probably worse than never seeing success at all.”

He has always been a part and parcel of the filmi-world from the very childhood; so when he was asked about the difference between the industry then and now, Karan came up with some harsh and not-so-sweet reality. Bollywood lacks warmth now, feels the ‘Dharma Production’ light bearer.

“Today the industry is corporate, detached, over-ambitious and not persona; anymore. When I started making movies in ’98, that slight shift began. But when I hear the stories of ’60s, ’70s and even before that, I felt the love, warmth and inter-relation which is not there now. It has become more corporate, hardcore.” (ANI)

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