KJo opens up about fighting censors with every film

Jaipur, Jan. 22 (ANI): Yet another name added on to the ‘Bollywood A-listers fighting intolerance’ list is ace film maker Karan Johar.

At the ninth edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival on Thursday, KJo spoke on “intolerance,” “governance” and “censorship” that the nation now is dealing with. With utmost sarcasm, the 43-year-old film-maker said that though we hold back from saying or writing freely, we call ourselves democratic.

“We are fighting censors with every film. Every time a dialogue draft comes to me, we have a legal department who read the dialogue draft and highlight what will not be allowed. As a result we all are having a highlighted script. We can’t write anything, say anything and yet we have to be democratic,” he said.

Adding on to that, the ‘Dharma production’ light-bearer said that being a responsible film-makers, they will do nothing to harm the society.

“We are all responsible filmmakers; none of us would really want to put up something that would really cause damage to the DNA of the society around us,” he said.

Karan, who has made films on contentious issues such as homosexuality, namely ‘Dostana’ and relationships outside wedlock namely ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehana,’ said that as a filmmaker, he felt bound at every level.

“I feel really sad about it because being a public figure, you are expected to kind of helm a certain movement, talk about freedom of expression which is a biggest joke in today’s world, democracy is again the biggest joke I think. How are we democratic? How is there freedom of expression? I am a film maker and I feel bound on every level- be it on celluloid or in print. I feel there is always some kind of legal notice awaiting me everywhere I go. Everywhere I go I am scared. Like I am saying something in Jaipur I feel scared wondering who will file case by time I return home,” he said.

The Bombay High Court recently asked Mumbai police not to file charge sheet against the filmmaker and others facing a criminal case for allegedly using obscene language on a show (AIB roast). In regard to this, the film-maker again in a subtle manner said he did not want to fight the ‘governance’ by speaking out on ‘intolerance’.

“I make movies. I fight megalomaniac movie stars every day. Do I need t fight the governance?” he said. (ANI)

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