Know what made Elle Macpherson change her lifestyle

Washington D.C., Oct. 5(ANI): The lump on Elle Macpherson’s breast worked as a warning alarm in her life that made her change her diet and lifestyle.

Though it was a sigh of relief for the 49-year-old model when she found out that lump was not a result of cancer and was not life threatening, it definitely worked as a wakeup call for her that made her realise that she was taking wrong vitamins and mineral along with being stressed, reports the Inquisitr.

Macpherson said that her doctor explained to her that her high acid diet might be the culprit in her case and she also advised her to stop taking synthetic supplements and eliminate stress from her life.

However, after knowing her condition, the model has been sleeping more, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and eating less red meat. (ANI)

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