Kolkata metro service partially disrupted by passengers’ protest

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Kolkata, June 4 (IANS) The Kolkata metro service was partially disrupted on Monday morning after a metro rake was stranded at a station for more than 20 minutes when passengers protested following a problem with the air conditioning system in one of the compartments.

The metro authority however maintained that there was no technical snag in the train and claimed that too much crowd in the compartment caused the air conditioning system to malfunction.

“An AC rake going from Dumdum to Kavi Subhas was halted for more than 20 minutes at the Sovabazar-Sutanuti station on Monday following agitation by the commuters, who complained of suffocation and lack of air conditioning in one compartment,” metro railway’s CPRO, Indrani Banerjee told IANS.

“It was found that there was no technical fault in the AC machines. The compartment was over crowded and there were more passengers than the AC could handle. Finally the compartment was vacated and the train was moved towards its destination at 10.21 a.m.,” she said.

According to the Kolkata metro authority, the motorman of the train repeatedly asked the passengers to deboard from the compartment and catch the next train but they refused to do so, causing the delay.

“However, there was no disruption in the overall service as the other trains between Sovabazar and Kavi Subhas ran on scheduled time,” Banerjee added.



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