Kourtney Kardashian on Scott Disick’s breakdown: His ‘Tears Mean Nothing’

Los Angeles, October 13 (CINEWS): Scott Disick, 32, isn’t getting much sympathy from Kourtney Kardashian, 36, or any of her sisters. Although the couple split up months ago due to his infidelity, the 32-year-old isn’t doing any better.Kourtney-Kardashian

Although Scott is breaking down over his split with Kourt, an insider revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com that his “tears mean nothing” to the Kardashians.

“None of the sisters feel sorry for Scott, not even Khloe [Kardashian]. Why? Because he’s doing nothing, absolutely nothing, to improve the situation,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com. “They are mad at him for not taking better care of himself, for how he’s treated Kourtney and for being an absent dad. His tears mean nothing to them because he’s all talk and no action.” In the beginning, Scott was doing anything and everything he could to get back on Kourtney’s good side. Now, it appears as if he’s stopped trying.

Apparently Scott is a totally different person on and off camera and his reality TV co-stars can definitely see through his acts. “He’s different on camera when they are filming for the show than when he’s off camera. Off camera, it’s like he doesn’t even care. He’s emotionless,” the insider continued to tell us. “It’s like he puts on a good act, so that the producers, including Kris, will keep him on for good ratings. He doesn’t walk the talk, that’s how the girls feel.” It seems like Scott stopped caring about Kourtney because he’s possibly getting serious with another lady.
Scott is stepping out with a new and younger girl after his relationship with Kourtney ended and it isn’t Chloe Bartoli, 25, the LA stylist he was seen with in France! It’s actually Lindsay Vrckovnik, 18, and many are wondering if the father of three is planning on getting serious with his reported new lady. “Scott knows that his relationship with Lindsay can never become something serious,” a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s rebounding from a 9-year relationship, she’s only 18 years-old, and he has 3 children, but he adores her. It was just supposed to be a weekend fling, but he’s finding himself liking Lindsay way more than he thought he would.”

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