Kris Jenner speaks up on OJ Simpson`s trial

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Johannesburg, Feb. 2(ANI): Kris Jenner recently opened up about OJ Simpson’s trial and revealed that she was unable to breathe while she was in court to hear that Simpson was found not guilty of murdering her best friend.

The 60-year-old reality star recalled the excruciating pain she went through while sitting through the infamous trial following the death of her good pal and the American footballer’s former wife Nicole Brown Simpson, reports

Jenner’s former husband Robert Kardashian was a member of Simpson’s defence team during the eight-month trial in 1995 that even made the pain worse for her.

The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star said that she didn’t know what the verdict was going to be adding that she couldn’t breathe when the not guilty verdict was ready and she along with everyone else was stunned.

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Jenner sat alongside Nicole’s family during the very stressful trial, but wasn’t in court all the time because she was pregnant with daughter Kendall Jenner.

She further said that it was horrible and she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that Nicole Brown Simpson had been killed in such a horrific and violent way.

Jenner, who picked Nicole’s name as Kendall’s middle name in tribute to her also said that she will never get over losing her best friend. (ANI)

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