Kunal Kemmu escaped from an accident on the shoots of ‘Bhaag Johnny’

Mumbai, September 24 (CINEWS): Kunal Kemmu had a nearby shave on the arrangements of chief Shivam Nair’s Bhaag Johnny, which likewise highlights Zoa Morani and Mandana Karimi.Kunal_Khemu

A specific pursue arrangement obliged Kunal to keep running from a separation and jump into a speedboat where Zoa was sitting. The trick choreographer brought two shots with the on-screen characters, both of which looked great. Be that as it may, the group concurred on an additional retake just on the off chance that they required it, amid which the accident happened.

The scene began moving, with Kunal hurrying to bounce into the watercraft to be with Zoa. By the way, there was a miscommunication with the boatman, who began moving the watercraft far from the shore before time. Kunal gambled bouncing into the moving pontoon to finish the scene. Reviewing the mischance, he says, “I knew I wouldn’t make it and needed to settle on the decision mid-air. I could have either fallen straight or hit my head on the pontoon, which would be truly awful, or hindered the crash with the watercraft with my leg. I picked the last and wound up harming my skin.” Though the performing artist was harmed, he didn’t stop the shoot and completed whatever remains of the scene. Thankfully, the incidental activity succession got the chief’s gesture and they didn’t require another retake. Bhaag Johnny, created by Super Cassettes Industries Pvt Ltd, discharges September 25.

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