Kvyat, Vettel crash at Sochi coincidence, not personal dislike: Coulthard

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Sochi, May 3 (IANS) The crash between drivers Daniil Kvyat and Sebastian Vettel during the Russian Grand Prix was just a coincidence and not borne out of dislike for each other, former F1 driver David Coulthard has said.

Vettel was forced to retire from the race following a second impact with Kvyat’s car. Vettel crashed into the rail, damaging Vettel’s Ferrari car, reports Efe.

Commenting on the incident between Russia’s Kvyat and titled racer Vettel, Coulthard said it “was just a coincidence rather than because they just don’t like each other”.

“It is racing sometimes. Daniil made a mistake in turn two and I think turn three left it a lot for making him difficult to avoid the contact,” Coulthard said on Monday.

Commenting on the incident, Kvyat said the rear brakes of his car blocked in the second turn and then it was too hard to stop the car at that moment.

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Then, Kvyat added, in the third high-speed turn everyone began braking their cars to his surprise and Vettel was in front of him again.

“I hit him in the back and he had to withdraw from the race,” Kvyat said after the race on Sunday. “I do apologise to him.”

The race was well dominated by German racer from team Mercedes Nico Rosberg, Coulthard said.

“It was a nice race, no big drama with an obviously strong performance from Nico Rosberg. Plenty of incidents and accidents, so hopefully it was an entertaining race on television.”

Rosberg on Sunday secured his record seventh straight Formula One win after leaving the rest of the drivers behind on a sunny afternoon in Russia’s Sochi.


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