Kylie Jenner breaks silence on shocking pregnancy report

Los Angeles, November 25 (CINEWS):Kylie Jenner may be just 18, however on Nov. 24, gossipy tidbits started whirling that she may be pregnant with her 26-year-former beau Tyga’s infant! Kylie at last took to Twitter to set the record straight.kylie tyga

Things being what they are, would we be able to expect a delightful new Jenner child in nine months? We have the scoop, right here!

At the point when Kylie rejoined with Tyga on Nov. 21, under 48 hours after their Nov. 19 separation, we were stunned. So when a report surfaced that Kylie was pregnant, it sort of appeared well and good. Why else would she get back together with somebody that she found undermining her? All things considered, things being what they are Kylie didn’t consider the thought very as consistent, and she took to Twitter to share her response.

“They’ve been stating I’m pregnant for one year now… One year. How about we take care of business lol,” Kylie said on Twitter. Uh… great point. There are much of the time pregnancy gossipy tidbits about the most youthful Jenner, despite the fact that she’s just 18. On the off chance that she had been pregnant for every one of them, she certainly would have popped out a child at this point. Furthermore, we do see a horrendous parcel of Kylie’s midriff, and there’s no chance to get there’s an infant in that little tummy. Huge sister Khloe Kardashian saw the same thing.

In this way, case shut! Kylie isn’t pregnant with Tyga’s infant. Despite the fact that she did say that she was wedding him on Nov. 23, so perhaps there’s a little Kyga child later on one day.

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