Kylie Jenner fights for cruelty against animals in an event

Los Angeles, December 5 (CINEWS): Kylie Jenner, 18, is so relieved that the messy animal abuse controversy involving her Italian greyhound pups has died down so not only is she giving us a video glimpse of herself with her beloved pets, she’s also doing a video tutorial on how she takes care of them.kylie-jenner-dogs-celeb-snap102015

The 2-minute feature on her app is titled, “I am OBSESSED with my dogs. I love them like they are my kids. I feed them the best food, bathe them in the best products and show them love 24/7!” and boy does she ever! She goes on to give us plenty of great tips on how she takes such tender loving care of Norman and Bambi.

“Everyone knows I’m obsessed with my dogs. If you have dogs and are obsessed with them too, here’s a few tips on what I do,” Kylie tells the camera. “Right now I’m in the middle of trying out a bunch of different organic dry foods and a wet food,” while mentioning she gets hers from L.A.’s Erewhon market. You can see all of Kylie’s tutorial by clicking here.

She is one hands-on dog mommy when it comes to giving her kids the best possible nutrition. “Maybe once a day or every other day I like to put raw coconut oil in their food and I feel like it just keeps their coat nice and keeps them healthy,” she tells the camera before squealing “Normie come here” and bends over to pick up her pups. They lick her face as she talks about the organic treats she loves to give them and says “It’s all just about caring for your dogs.”
“Also, I don’t let them drink tap water, I only let them drink purified water,” she states before being interrupted by Norman licking her face as she melts. “Come on – how could you not love them!” she says and it is too cute for words! Her dogs obviously love her so much.
Not only does Kylie keep them near her constantly, she makes sure that someone is always with them when she can’t be there. “The dogs are never alone, everyone is obsessed with them. When I’m out-of-town I have like three people who say ‘I’d love to take them,’ so they’re always happy. I just give them a lot of attention and love.” So sweet!

She signs off from her dog care advice by saying,”If you love your dogs too, you will take care of them!” before giving a big smooch towards the camera.

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